About Us

about us


Our sole business focus is nutritionWe exist for nutrition. It’s all we do and everything we do. By employing Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs), we guarantee our advice comes from qualified professionals, grounded in science. To be a one-stop-shop on nutrition, we don’t try to have all the answers, just stay connected to those that do. Through our nutrition circles we regularly access and leverage a network of formidable intelligence on all things nutrition. And, by working with leading food companies, we are in a unique position to learn from global best practices, across our diverse client base.


Connecting nutrition to your businessWe know nutrition. We know business. We know how to connect the two. Our B2B service goes beyond the science to interpret nutrition for the benefit of your customer and your brands. We make it our business to know yours. We speak your business language and flex to fit your business model. Our people collaborate with your people and agencies, whatever way works for you.

By creating the industry of outsourced, in-house business dietitians, we have a unique and flexible way to add value to your business. We can leverage our ‘external eyes and ears’ so we are in the best position to be your ‘internal arms and legs’ on all things nutrition, when you most need it. And when it comes to talking nutrition with your customers, we know it must be accurate, consistent, transparent and relevant. That takes time. So we work best in long-term partnerships. With a deep knowledge of your business, there’s more chance we will connect on what matters most to your customers.


Trust comes with the company we keepWe take pride in being the nutrition minders for leading global food brands, but are never complacent. Working for leaders, keeps us on our toes. Now in our second decade, we know we must continue to build on our first-to-market advantage to stay in the forefront of our industry. We will never stop investing in growing our nutrition knowledge bank and market experience. To lead on scale and expertise, doing better all the time, has become be part of our daily mantra. So we don’t mind change, risk or challenge, but when it comes to effort, we don’t do mediocre. Not when the nutrition credentials of your brand are in our hands.